Saturday, November 15, 2014

Pax, Penton, Pepsi, Persia and Pia

These babies have had a bit of a struggle but are doing much better now.  I lost Pierre after a long week of watching him intently.  He was on antibiotics in an attempt to stop his decline.  He had to be fed drop by drop the last 3 days as he did not want to take the bottle at all.  I am surprised that he is the only one I lost so far as they only got one feeding from mom.  They get immune help from their mom and because they only got one feed the immunity they got was at a bare minimum.  It has been 3 weeks filled with worry every minute of every day.  But now all are eating a lot more than they have up until now which is encouraging.  They are not out of the woods yet but it is looking better for them.  Penton is such a marvelous interesting color of brown.  He is getting over an eye infection which I think was draining him a bit.
     Marchand, Manchester, Martina, Benjie, Bonnie and Bridgit went to Petsmart last week.  All but Marchand and Benjie got adopted so they went to Leslie's foster home along with Brandi (just became big enough for adoption yesterday) and special little Mavoureen (who has been gaining weight at a good rate the last coupe of weeks so she is almost big enough to be adopted).  My house is different and feels very quiet with the 7 babies gone.
     Every morning I allow extra time as Cavana now sleeps in the crook of my neck or on my pillow.  She wants loving as soon as she knows I am up for the day.  Then Brandi and Crackerjack come running and I have 3 wiggly kittens to love to pieces.  I will miss Brandi tomorrow morning when only two babies want loving.  I will be putting up pictures of Daffodil, Cavana, Crackerjack and Chiclet hopefully tomorrow.  They have filled out and are playful little babies now.

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