Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Goodbye Bram

     My heart is broken as I say goodbye to Bram as I lost him this morning.  Little Bram was always tiny with a big heart.  He knew his name and tried his hardest.  It has been 3 weeks of worry and watching and hoping and loving and hugging and kissing.  Bram was a sweet little boy who struggled with gaining weight.  I decided to take him off the bottle when he wouldn't take it any more.  I would dropper feed him which were moments of love as it takes a long time to dropper feed a baby so you have lots of time to tell him you love him and to look into his eyes.  I gave him fluids a couple of days ago and started dropper feeding him canned food with protein powder mixed in to give it more substance.  He seemed to be doing well on this food.  Yesterday morning he actually ate by himself off a plate.  I was ecstatic as I thought we had turned the corner and were making our way back from the dark side.  This morning he did not talk to me nor get out of his bed.  So I subcutaneously gave him more fluids and his antibiotics.  I wrapped him up in a fluffy blanket and put him in a tiny cat bed.  He died quietly a short time later.  He was a sweet boy and I will truly miss my little angel who loved me back as much as I loved him.  Goodbye little Bram.

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