Sunday, July 12, 2015

Update on My 7 Babies--What a Glorious Rare Week!

What a wonderful week I have had which doesn't happen very often with baby kittens in residence.  They are all healthy and playing and becoming individual little beings.  Thai is 6 weeks old--imagine all the changes I have seen in him since he arrived at 4 days old.  June Bug convinces my cat Turtle to give up her treasured spot on the sheepskin blanket and share it with her.  She is going to have the most wonderful fur coat when she is all grown up.  Julie is a mama's girl and still insists on having a bottle instead of eating canned food.  She is the last and only one on the bottle (though Thai wanted a bottle today and I gave him one even though it has been a couple of days since he got a bottle).  Julie just isn't ready to be all grown up.  Alcott is my photogenic baby.  He loves having his picture taken and sits and poses when he is in front of the camera.  Aniki is still a busy, healthy petite little girl.  Avis was the thinnest of the 4 kittens when I got them and the one the vet was most concerned about.  What a plump treasure she has turned out to be.  Alfalfa will be adopted by the family that wanted Hiccup (gone to be at Street Cat Shelter so his food can be strictly supervised) as Hiccup is not ready to be adopted until his health becomes stable.  Alfalfa is the best sleeper and enjoys his cat nap almost anywhere.  I got some adorable pictures of him taking some of his many naps.

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