Saturday, July 4, 2015

Part 1 or 2--June Bug and Julie Have Arrived

I got the sweetest 2 baby girls on Thursday.  They are very good natured and fine with everything around them.  Julie and June Bug are a perfect pair--4 pictures each of the girls. They are 3 +1/2 weeks old.  Julie drinks great from a bottle and nibbles a bit on canned food.  June Bug (nickname may be Juno) drinks minimally from a bottle though drinks it when I squeeze gently into her mouth and eats a bit more canned than Julie does.  They are very inquisitive of everything going on around them.  More babies to make my heart feel better about losing Fresca reminding me that there are always babies out there that need me.
     Daffodil went to Petsmart today.  She has healed from her intestinal surgery and her spay surgery.  Her hair has started growing back nicely.  No more surgeries so the hair will be able to stay now.
     New pictures of the 4 A babies and Thai (spoken for by the people who found him) in part 2 of my blog.

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