Sunday, June 28, 2015

The Good Part of My Job-the Whole Gang Having Fun

     Thai is 4 weeks old, hard to believe he was only 4 days old when he came.  He fits right in with his bigger brothers and sisters.  Aniki, Avis, Alfalfa and Alcott are starting to play a lot.  Alcott is still the one who crawls up on the couch to my lap or waits for my lap to appear.  Avis and Aniki know their names.  Alcott and Alfalfa are down to a bottle a day only because I am a softie.  Avis and Aniki are the smallest so I don't want to rush them off the bottle.  They are eating canned food well so it won't be long before bottles are just a memory for them.  Hiccup is doing great getting off his meds so I can see how he is doing.  Daffodil loves to play now and is very gentle with the littlest babies. I took a lot of action shots as the babies or should I say little ones were playing.


  1. Can I live in your house Donna? These adorable babies are just so irresistibly cute, I want them's so great to see Hiccup having such fun..

  2. They are so sweet! I want to snuggle all of them. Thanks for posting.