Sunday, June 21, 2015

A Giant Update on Hiccup, Thai, Alfalfai, Avis, Aniki and Alcott

Well, there is never a dull moment any more.  Thai is 3 weeks old and how grown up he is now!  He loves having siblings to snuggle with.  He is a great bottle drinker which makes it easy for me.  He is starting to be interested in the world outside his cage.
     The four "A" babies are 5 weeks old.  They are starting to show their different personalities.  The girls have been nicely eating canned food for 2 days now.  Alfalfa decided today is the day to start eating canned food.  Alcott, well Alcott is Alcott.  He is a mama's boy and says "you are kidding, you want me to eat that?"  He ignores the food even when I put a bit in his mouth to give him a taste.  He follows me around and squeaks at me demanding to have a bottle.  He only ate once so far and holds out for a bottle. 
     Hiccup is being weaned off his medication to see how he makes out.  Once he is off and has done well he will be going to his new home who are anxiously waiting for him.  He is down to 1/4 the dose of cisapride that he started out on.  He has had Restoralax but only once since Friday.  He is eating normal food and seems to be doing well.  He is pooping well with quiet sounds only very occasionally.  He is running and playing a lot.  He learned how to climb up on the couch which he does very often when I happen to be sitting on it.  I put him in bed with me this morning as he so loves to have snuggles.  He settled right in, purred and got sleepy.  I asked him where was this boy when I was trying to keep him warm when the power was off after that last big snow.  All is well in my house right now.  Lots of love and happy babies.

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