Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Avis, Alfalfa, Aniki and Alcott

My first multiple set of kittens this year.  They are doing much better now they have regular food and a heat lamp to stretch out under.  They were thin when they came and the two girls weighed less than Thai who is 2 weeks younger than them.  Their weights when they came in and today are Avis 158/243, Alcott 204/337, Alfalfa 220/359 and Aniki 160/217.  Now the rapid weight gain will become normal as they have adjusted to good bottle feedings.  Their mom was killed so now I am their mom.  Aniki is the leader out of this family already.
     Hiccup is in trouble.  I took him to the vet yesterday because of his continued constipation problems.  His xray showed he is filled with poop and has mega colon.  He is too small to operate on and would only continue to be in discomfort.  They put him on a gut motility drug as a last effort to see if he has any gut tone at all and are keeping him there for two days.  I spent a very sad, scared , worried day off as he was on my mind. I went in and spent 30 minutes with him when I picked Daffodil up after her spay surgery. This morning when I called he had pooped "a fair bit of poop" which gave me some hope as he must have some gut motility.  Then I called just a while ago before I head off to work and he has pooped even more.  Maybe, just maybe we won't have to let my little boy be euthanized.  More hope today than I had yesterday.  I will see what tomorrow brings.

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