Sunday, June 14, 2015

Thai is 2 Weeks Old

     Thai is a great little boy.  His eyes are open and he is getting around better.  He is eating well and gaining weight as expected.  He weighed 134g when he got here and today he weighed 265g so twice as big as when he arrived here.  How much he has changed in such a short time.
     I brought Hiccup home from the clinic for the weekend.  He is doing so much better.  He doesn't scream and only has had a few quiet noises when he is pooping.  He is running around and playing much, much more than ever before.  He is feeling better but still has a way to go.  He goes back to the clinic tomorrow and I will pick him up on my lunch break and bring him back home.  They want to xray him and see how the poop is moving along his intestine and if it is finally clearing out.
     Aniki, Avis, Alfalfa and Alcott are doing well.  Pictures and update on them hopefully tomorrow.

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