Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Daffodil and Hiccup and Baby "T" Makes 3

 Here is my family today.  Daffodil goes to get spayed next Tuesday.  She will recover then will be up for adoption.  What a history we share together!  It will be hard to say goodbye to her.  Hiccup is on new food now and if his digestion improves he will be going to his waiting forever home this weekend.
     My family grew by one today.  Little baby "T" (name to be decided soon) arrived this afternoon.  He is a beautiful little baby.  He was found in the forest with his siblings.  The babies were kept warm and mom was given a chance to come back for them.  She took 3 babies but did not return for my new baby.  He took a few sucks from the bottle so after the 24 hour settle in period he should be eating better.  He is a strong little boy who weighed 134g when I got him.  Hiccup was 152g so they are very similar in age.  Little baby "T" is about 4 days old so we have many weeks of bonding, loving and discovering together.                                                                                                    

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