Friday, June 5, 2015

Thai Plus 4 More

     Thai is a week old today.  He is up to 164g.  As you can see he absolutely loves being under the heat lamp.  I find him laying on his back all the time.  He is content, eating well, purring and loving being loved.  I came home from work yesterday, fed him, then took him out on my front deck.  I rocked him on my glider chair with Thai wrapped up in a blanket.  It was such a peaceful moment which I promised to have as many of and will find time to fit the moments into my world.
     Four more babies arrived at noon.  They are also loving the heat lamp.  They are about 3 weeks old.  Their mom was killed.  There are 2 boys and 2 girls--finally my first girls.  The little girls are a little lighter than Thai who is 2 weeks younger than them.  The one with the most white was in trouble today at the vet's.  But a lot of TLC and bottles should hopefully get them straightened around.  They all ate well from the bottle which is a help when I have 4 new additions.  Better pictures very soon--I didn't want to disturb them when they are just settling in.

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