Thursday, August 7, 2014

Mac, Matrix and Muffin are 3 weeks old!

These babies are doing great!  We have settled into a good routine.  This morning they woke me up at 3:33 am as all were screaming "we are starving mom!"  So I got up and fed them.  As I was feeding the 6 "M" kittens came one by one into the bedroom.  They seemed hungry so there I was making more formula then feeding 6 hungry kittens.  They are using the litter box now so yay, no more tearing toilet paper into 18" pieces to make the kittens pee and poop.
     Now for updates in my busy, busy world.  Galaxy, Garnett and Gulliver have gone to another foster home.  They are at petsmart this week and Galaxy got adopted.  Pickles, Polo, Cypress and Cullen went to Petsmart as well.  Cullen is adopted as well as Cypress (many people were interested in Cypress).  I went this morning to pick Cypress up as her new owners can't pick her up until they move into their house the middle of August so I get to love her for a while longer.  Gunther is 7 weeks old and goes to the vet next week.  A lady from near Regina is coming to see him next week Saturday then adopt him then take him home.  So he won't be here very long after he is up for adoption.  Pickles and Polo will go to Leslie's wonderful foster home if not adopted so will be reunited with Gulliver and Garnett if they don't get adopted.
     I got 4 new additions to my family today.  Check in tomorrow to see pictures and their names (I think their names are daringly different).  So back to 15 babies to love.  Good thing my heart grows and fills with more love when I get more kittens so that all the kittens get a lot of loving.

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