Friday, August 1, 2014

Kaegan, Kerrick, Kia, Klara, Koby and Kodiak--3 weeks old and growing up

Babies seem to suddenly look like little kittens instead of newborns.  Suddenly they are doing "big" kitten things.  These babies in the period of a week have started using the litter box consistently.  They are walking around easily and are interested in their world.  They suddenly feel solid and not fragile.  All the babies are now over 300g and a big bundle to hold in the blanket when they are getting their bottles.  They have accepted their 3 new "siblings" and are one big pile of kittens sleeping in a bunch.  Now at least a couple of times I let the "K" kittens out of the cage to walk around while I feed the 3 littlest ones (they have moved down the pecking order so get fed second).  They explore the baby room and have even come into the kitchen which is a fair distance for such little things.  Kerrick even nibbled at canned food which shocked me as it is usually at least 5 weeks for babies to decide canned food is for kittens to eat.  They are becoming slightly different in personalities already and this will develop more for each baby as they get older.

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