Thursday, July 31, 2014

Gunther (6 wks old) and My New Family Additions--Muffin, Mac and Matrix

Gunther is 6 weeks old!  He is such a special boy.  He makes little squeeking noises when he talks to me.  He is a mama's boy and loves to snuggle into my arms when I hold him.  He likes to sleep on the bed in the baby nursery which makes him a big boy finding his favorite spot to sleep.  He has been a very easy baby.
     My new family is 2 weeks old today.  They have had a hard start to their lives.  The story as I understand it is that the babies were taken from their mom on a farm and drowned.  Their bodies were disposed of and discovered much later in the garbage when they were crying.  They were returned to their mom.  Then some time later the finder came into Saskatoon.  When she stopped in the city on Lorne Ave the mom dashed out from the vehicle (not sure if she was under or in the vehicle).  The babies were then discovered as well.  They are very lucky babies to have survived all this at under 2 weeks of age.  So the 2 boys (yes, boys still dominate at my house) are Mac and Matrix and the little girl is Muffin.  The three pictures of each kitten are Mac, Muffin and Matrix.  They are good babies and have gained a lot of weight.  They are happy as they have six new siblings to snuggle with.  They are eating well and starting to move around a lot more.  They purr and are happy to be held and snuggled.  Lucky, lucky babies.

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  1. God bless Donna! Hearing that these babies are doing so well is very heart warming.