Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Kaegan, Kerrick, Kia, Klara, Koby and Kodiak Are 2 Weeks Old Today

How these babies have grown.  The babies in order of the pictures taken are Kaegan, Kerrick, Kia, Klara, Koby and Kodiak. The girls are Kia and Klara.  Again boys rule. The babies are 2 weeks old today and how they have changed.  The initial weights/current weights are Kerrick 128g/218g, Kodiak 132g/202g, Koby 120g/234g, Kia 112g/194g, Kaegan 130g/240g and Klara 116g/226g.  They all learned to drink from the bottle the second day I had them.  The first evening was a settle in time and they cried quite a bit but by the middle of the night feed they had stopped crying and started purring.  They are getting stronger on their legs.  They are in the messy stage as they start to pee and poop on their own but not in the litter box (about 3 wks of age so sometime hopefully this week). They do go to one side of the cage so using the litter box should be just around the corner.  They have had a few baths and got blow dried (so their body temperatures don't go down for very long).  I am hitting my wall for getting up during the night as it is very tiring especially now I am back to work.  But another 2 weeks and I will be able to sleep through the night.  They now drink a bottle and a half per each feed.  Soon they will be graduating to no heat lamp and just a heated split pea bag.  Once they use the litter box there will be no more making them pee and poop.  I have gone through 4 double rolls of toilet paper in just a week.  That is a lot of tearing it into 1 foot strips.

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