Thursday, July 17, 2014

Conley, Cullen and Cypress and Gunther

     Conley, Cullen and Cypress are 7 weeks old today.  They had a great weight gain.  They are eating well.  Happily they eat their food and don't wear it after their meals.  No more washing of faces and tummies.  They are quite plump and are playing a lot.
     I included 3 pictures of Gunther.  He was sleeping so cute in the cat bed.  I like the way he has his back foot.  He loves, loves the cat bed and sleeps there a lot because after all he is just a little boy.  He is starting to nibble at canned food so soon he won't be having a bottle.
     The 6 new babies are doing well on formula.  They had an unsettled first 24 hours. I am very happy with them as they are all eating strongly from the bottle.  I will have to start making 2 bottles to feed them as 1 bottle just feeds all of them which is twice as much as they drank the first day they were here.  There are 2 girls--Kia and Klara and 4 boys--Kaegan, Kodiak, Kerrick and Koby.  They don't cry very much any more and sleep until I wake them up at 1 am to feed them.  They purr for me and are feeling plump and more solid.
     The "G" babies went to the vet today.  They made all of us laugh as they ran, jumped and played in the examining room.  Gianni (to be called Gina) and Granger(will stay Granger) are leaving to their forever wonderful homes tomorrow afternoon. 


  1. I absolutely love reading your blog and the kittens. You do wonderful work and are one of a kind.