Wednesday, July 16, 2014

And Baby (in this case 6) Makes 17

Last night a new set of 6 babies arrived to be added to my blended family.  It won't be this large for long as soon the "G" kittens and "P" kittens will have their vet checks and be able to go to their new homes.
     These 6 babies are settling in.  It has been a noisy transition to kitten formula and learning to drink from a bottle.  Six crying babies are quite loud when all are crying at the same time.  They were a good alarm clock at 12:40 this morning (my alarm was set for 2 am) telling me they wanted to eat.  This morning when I got up 5 of the babies drank from the bottle (the black one finally drank and really caught on to the bottle) so things will be getting easier for them today.  The first day is a learning curve for new additions (and me too as I adjust to a new routine).  They are all different which makes it easier to feed them.  I feed them in the same order so I have less thinking to do when it is a middle of the night feeding.  There are 2 girls and 4 boys so boys still rule.

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