Friday, July 11, 2014

Cullen, Conley and Cypress

After 3 photo sessions I finally got these pictures.  It took 2 face washings of Cypress and Cullen to get the remnants of the day's meals off their beautiful faces.  Cypress' stripes are really starting to show up.  She is such a stunning looking kitten.  I had just fed them (usually do so they are calmer for pictures) which is why I didn't get many pictures of them upright and busy.  They had eaten a large meal so were extra sleepy.  They are playing and growing and learning to be wonderful kittens an are such fun to live with.
     Today I have a visitor to see Gianni and Granger.  Their vet appointments are next week so they will be leaving soon.  It was hard for a while with the babies and we all reached the end result of them being able to leave to forever homes.

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