Saturday, July 5, 2014

Freckle and Fergusson--8 weeks old today

These two are 8 weeks old today.  Wow, hard to believe they have gone from bottle to being sweet little grown up kittens.  They are the cutest pair.  Freckle is being adopted and will be picked up next Sunday after their vet appointment on Saturday.  The time has come for the goodbyes to start.  They are such affectionate little beings.  In the morning both have to come for their snuggle in bed before I get up.  I have to allow extra time for all the required snuggles.  This morning I had Fergusson, Freckle, Galaxy, Gulliver and Gianni for snuggles.  The two older ones will go to forever homes and the next ones will step up to take over when Fergusson and Freckle leave.    The babies are now sleeping all over the place and decide which spot is perfect for them.  Makes doing a head count a bit challenging because even at meal time they seem to eat in batches.  All are doing great and are sweet and charming babies.  Of course all mine are cute because I only accept "cute" babies.  What a wonderful time in my house watching all the babies play and discover their world.  Though cleaning 5 litter boxes is a bit of work at least they are all eating well on their own and having a good time playing.

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