Sunday, July 6, 2014

Galaxy, Garnett, Gianni, Granger and Gulliver Are 7 Weeks Old

They are so grown up and getting into everything!  One kind of work is changed for another kind of work.  Gone is getting up during the night, endless bottles warmed up, buckets of formula prepared, toilet paper torn into 2 feet pieces (3 double rolls with these babies), getting up early and feeding and feeding again right before bed, blankets and more blankets washed exchanged for many moments of joy watching them play, litter boxes washed, bleached, rinsed and refilled, 4 to 5 cans of cat food opened for breakfast then another 6-8 cans opened during the day, rinsed and taken out to the recycle bin, challenging head counts as they won't freeze frame for 60 seconds so I can count them, figuring out why when there are 12 kittens that the head count is so often 11 and I have to figure out who the missing one is then to find him/her (usually playing somewhere oblivious to meal time), many hours spent loving each kitten individually and getting to know each one for who they are, face washes (the C kittens only right now), picture taking and keeping track of which day of the week which kittens turn a week older and thus need their pictures taken, renaming and transferring the pictures into the correct folder.  And the laughter, smiles, ahhhs, sighs and preparing my heart to let go as I adoringly watch them play and do funny things.  And more bodies who have discovered where mom sleeps and sleep next to mom as that is their favorite place to be.

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  1. Your babies are adorable, Donna! I love reading your blog and seeing their sweet faces!