Sunday, July 13, 2014

Life is Fun

What wonderful pictures I was able to get.  The first 2 are taken at the same time.  The third picture was taken a while later.  The babies decided the best place to sleep was by the back door.  All except Cullen who was enjoying sleeping in the cat bed by himself.  They slept the whole afternoon by the back door.  I had to step through the sleeping babies (who never woke up when I walked among them) to get in and out the back door.  Occasionally the ones sleeping up against the door would start to fall outside so I would nudge them back with my toe.  The baby never woke up as it was enjoying its sleep. 
     Freckle and Fergusson went to their forever homes this weekend.  They are going to be very loved and spoiled which makes letting them go a lot easier.  So now a head count of 10 running around and Gunther in his cage.
     The last 2 pictures are of Gunther.  I think I have seen it all then I see something new yet again with a baby.  I observed Gunther liked to sleep under the blanket or in the fold of the fuzzy gray blanket along the side.  So I turned the little cat bed upside down and perched the edges on the heated bag and fold of the gray blanket.  Sure enough Gunther would crawl underneath for his naps.  In the pictures he really is sleeping stretched out under the cat bed.  He now uses the litter box that I put into the cage on Saturday.  He has had perfect logs and a few pees already in the box.  What a smart boy.  Yay, no more toilet paper roll in the bedroom.  I tear off strips of toilet paper to make babies pee and poop.  A milestone for cute little Gunther.  He has gone from 278g to 410g in 5 days.  He hears me come into the bedroom and gets all excited.

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