Tuesday, July 15, 2014

New Pictures of 8 Babies (C Litter to Follow on Their Usual Day--Thursday)

What gorgeous babies I have.  The first 2 pictures are of Gunther who is 4 weeks old today.  He is a big boy and using the litter box consistently already.  He even sniffed at the canned food this morning when I let him out for his first exploration jaunt (he has had his quarantine period).  He is growing and doing well.  He seems to be so small to be using the litter box but then he is just small in comparison to the others.
     The next 4 pictures are of Pickles and Polo.  They are 8 weeks old today.  What happy boys they are.  They go to the vet on Friday then will be soon leaving for their forever homes.
     Then one picture each of Galaxy, Garnett, Gianni, Granger and Gulliver.  Gianni and Granger will leave for their forever homes on Friday after the "G" vet appointment on Thursday. The other 3 will be ready for their new homes when they come along.  They are snuggle babies.  Garnett has become very snuggly since Fergusson and Freckle left.  I think he feels someone had to take over for them when they left.
     Life is good indeed.

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