Sunday, August 24, 2014

Koby, Kodiak, Klara, Kaegan, Kerrick,Kia--6 weeks old


Now the "K" kittens are doing well.  Last week a bacteria ran through the babies which is why there wasn't an update on my blog.  They were okay but not eating a lot and weren't gaining weight because they were eating less than they should.  They had diarrhea which was hard to deal with.  I was doing a lot of cleaning, hour after hour trying to keep up.  Endless bleaching of the litter boxes to keep the bacteria under control.  They had accidents everywhere as often kittens don't use the litter box if they have upset stomachs.  I was worrying and trying desperately to hang in there.  It was a tough, rotten few days. they are eating a lot, gaining weight a lot, playing a lot and using the litter box.  They are happy growing babies now and all of us are having fun.  Also last week on Thursday night at 11:45 pm I was giving Matrix a bath on his back end.  I noticed he had something horribly wrong with his back end.  It was swollen and black.  He was fine on Tuesday when he got a bath before his photo shoot.  I rushed him to the vet hospital where we were seen quickly as it was not a busy moment for them.  He had a infection where his brother (sucked his bottom as kittens do and have done for the 20 years I have had kittens) must have broken the skin with his teeth.  He was sent home on antibiotics, hydrocortisone ointment and flamazine cream to bring down the swelling and inflammation.  The swelling did go down and he was eating, purring sitting up and holding his own for weight.  Then Saturday morning I was holding him as I did quite often just so he knew he wasn't alone and he died in my arms. I was crushed and cried all day.  The vet called me on Monday and said she was surprised he had died as he was expected to be okay.  I got only 5 hours of sleep Thursday night and with the other kittens dealing with something I was just hanging in there.  Good thing Matrix, Muffin and Mac were still in their cage and not exposed to what was passing through the other kittens.  But now everyone is doing better and having fun being kittens.

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  1. Thankyou for your tender care and are an amazing woman.May you be blessed!