Monday, September 8, 2014

First Update Today on Paris, Peep, Pixel and Puffin

Finally life has settled down so I can get many pictures taken, edited, named and in my picture file.  Paris, Peep, Pixel and Puffin are getting very big.  Peep and Paris have been spoken for and will be adopted as soon as Paris is big enough.  She is gaining weight on a faster pace now so it won't be long before her family can come and pick both of them up.  They are getting to be a lot of fun.  This year was a different year in that there were way more boys than girls.  Also, the kittens came in at different times but they were all about the same age as the younger ones grew older and the next ones that came in were a little older already.  So now I have 12 very playful, busy babies who are getting into everything.  They will all be ready or almost big enough for adoption after their vet appointments (yes, I am taking all 12 to the vet this week which is what happens when they all end up being about the same age) this week.  Then they will all leave in quick succession and I will be adapting at a rapid rate.  I realized this morning that I must feel a little of what families with quadruplets and quintuplets feel like.  At times you think you will never make it through the baby stage as you have so much to deal with--working full time, getting up during the night to bottle feed many, weighing, worrying, watching, laundry, loving and adoring them.  Then suddenly they are on to the next stage of enjoying them, watching their different personalities, likes and dislikes come out, cleaning, bleaching and changing of litter box after litter box (and making myself be happy for the endless trail of litter tracked through my house--48 feet can carry a lot of litter everywhere because it means they are healthy, using the litter box and being normal growing kittens) and opening of dozens of cans of canned food (they eat 3 big cans of food for breakfast every morning as they are "starving mom, starving even though I put out a lot of food for them to eat during the night).  Thank goodness for my recycle bin.

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