Monday, September 8, 2014

Kaegan, Kerrick,Kia, Klara, Kodiak, Koby Today--many pictures to share

These babies will be leaving soon and this brought me to take a walk down memory lane.  I looked back at their weights when they arrived and compared them to today.  Kerrick 128g/976g, Kodiak 132g/882g, Koby 120g/854g, Kia 112g/700g, Kaegan 130g/774g, Klara 116g/826g.  I was worried about the two little girls when they came as they were so small and thin.  These beautiful girls have grown into gorgeous young kittens.  Night after night of getting up to bottle feed them and making them pee and poop progressed through the natural stages of growing up until all 6 kittens are the stunning kittens in the pictures above.  Now they will be going to their forever homes, my job done.  Kodiak was quite a gangly little boy and has filled out into a handsome boy.  Kodiak is grateful that I saved him from his predicament of being stuck under the fridge.  All love to fill my lap whenever possible and give me endless purrs.  Yes, indeed, it is worth all we have gone through together. I have been rewarded with buckets of kitten love which is non ending and given unconditionally.  There is always a kitten willing to give me a snuggle and encourage me.  There is nothing like a lap full of kittens.

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  1. A lap full of kittens would be awesome!!!!!!! I'm jealous, but you should enjoy the rewards of your hard work.