Saturday, September 27, 2014

Manchester, Mandryk, Marchand, Martina, Mavoureen--the newest kids

Baby season is not done yet.  I got these 5 cuties last week Thursday and Friday.  Their mom got mastitis and only had one teat working for 5 babies.  The vet recommended pulling the 4 strongest babies (the first 4 in the pictures) and leave the little girl to have mom to herself on Thursday.  Mom was not paying attention to Mavoureen and was not sleeping with her so Mavoureen came to be with her siblings on Friday.  These babies were tough babies for the first 3 days as they just would not take the bottle.  Getting formula into a baby without squirting it into their lungs is a big job.  You must go drop by drop which takes a lot of time especially when multiplied by 5.  The babies fought against the bottle which has not happened before that I can remember.  I am stubborn and kept trying and finally starting a bit on Sunday they were all drinking enough to be considered a meal from the bottle at 3 am Monday morning.  They are really enjoying their bottles now.  Mavoureen has something wrong with her.  She doesn't walk on her legs like the others though she does pull herself along.  She is eating really well, is bright and alert and purrs a lot.  I am getting my vet to check her out next week just to see if we can figure out what is going on.  She seems to be walking a tiny bit better since I got her so maybe she is just slow learning to walk.
     I have Puffin, Pixel, Mac, Klara and Kerrick yet.  Tomorrow all except Klara are going to Petsmart.  Klara is not going as she has been limping for a week.  Sometimes kittens play and get their claw stuck and twist their leg a bit.  This morning during our first loving of the day I was playing with Klara.  She used both feet to play with my finger and all her paws felt warm.  Then I felt a large lump on her shoulder.  I got her in to the vet at noon today.  The vet thought possibly her scapula was broken.  I was scared as to break a bone in a kitten requires a big force.  So Klara was x-rayed.  It turns out it was an abcess from a puncture to her shoulder.  So someone must have bitten her or punctured her skin with  claw when they were playing.  She is on antibiotics for a week.  I was told that if I had waited until next week the infection would have been very serious.  So Klara will be fine.

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  1. Manchester is my little guy now. Thanks for taking such good care of him!!