Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Boston, Booker and Brazil

My adorable "B" babies are growing up.  Brazil has had her vet check and is up for adoption now.  Boston sees the vet on Mon and will be up for adoption then if all goes well.  Booker is just getting over his recurring eye infection in his left eye and will be up for adoption very soon.  They are very loving babies as are the rest of the babies in my house.
     My morning head count in the bathroom is interesting once in a while.  Sometimes there are only 13 babies and I have to figure out which one is the lazy baby taking their time to come into the bathroom.  They are eating over 4 big cans of canned food plus a couple of bowls of kitten crunchies every day. This means 3 big plates for the food so they can all get their fair share.
     Garrick is a big, big boy.  He will be going to the vet on Monday as he has grown bigger than some of his older brothers and sisters.  He has been solid from day 1 and hasn't faltered at all.  Greta is still a petitle little girl and is doing fine as well.
     It is hard to think that the time is coming for me to be saying goodbye as they leave for their forever homes.  I should have 6 babies going to Petsmart on Dec 1 which will make my house a quieter but lonlier place.  They are such affectionate babies.  I always have a kitten wanting to be held, carried, on my lap, sharing love.  My heart is filled with love for each baby as they are all unique and special in their own way.  They are having fun playing with each other and now go to play after breakfast instead of going to the basket to sleep.  They are truly happy babies who have been totally loved.
     Yesterday I was looking at my Avon book before I went to work that the Avon lady had dropped off.  I looked down and there was Ronan curled up in the crook of my arm sleeping soundly.  I so often have a kitten on my lap, neck, shoulder, arms that I don't even notice anymore when they crawl onto my lap.  I talked to Ronan who was bursting with happiness. He couldn't get enough love or give enough love.  I told him we had all survived a rough, rough week when I was sick, scared and worried about all 18 of my babies.  I said "Pierce that was a week to be proud of making it throug.".  Then I realized it was not Pierce and I started crying.  I talked to Pierce a lot more than I realized and still miss him so very much. I still can't believe he is gone as I didn't have him for anywhere long enough and still had so much love to give him.

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