Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Life With 14 Kittens

     Life is never dull with 14 smart babies.  When I come home they all come running when I use the keypad to unlock the door.  I get swarmed by a mob of gorgeous babies.
     Last night I worked until 10 pm.  I came home, fed the babies, took a bath then curled up to watch a t.v. show I had recorded and really wanted to watch.  Before more than a few minutes went by I had a kitten on the back of my neck, one on each shoulder, one standing on my chest rubbing his nose with mine, two on my waist, one on my lap and some sleeping beside me.  It was hard to see the t.v. Whenever I moved a kitten out of my way to the pile beside me on the bed they all shuffled to find what they thought was a better spot.  It took about 30 minutes for them to settle so I could see the t.v.
     Playing a computer card game is supper challenging (especially if it is a timed game).  Trying to see around a few heads who all want to give you their advise is not easy.  They want you to win but don't realize they are not as much help as they think they are.
     There is always a baby wanting to be picked up and loved and given some one on one.  It takes many, many minutes in a day to give each one all the love they would like.  My heart is big enough to be filled with more than enough love for all of them.  My heart sings.
     The group gathering in the bathroom in the morning when I get up means you have to be quite awake before shuffling out of bed.  They are so very happy to have me up.  They do start trying to get me awake and up about 5 a.m. but I resist.  They will be just fine for another hour or so longer.  They are smart and would never let me sleep if I got up and fed them every time they thought it was time for me to get up.
     Yes, life is great when all the kittens are doing well, playing lots and sharing the love in their hearts.

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