Friday, November 16, 2012

Landon and Pekko

Pekko (Peek-a-Boo) and Landon are the very best of friends.  It would be so wonderful if they got adopted together as they have a storng bond.  They were laying together in the cat bed.  Landon was rubbing his face up against Pekko's face and was in total rapture.  They play together all the time.
     Wed night Pekko really, really wanted loving during the night.  Four times he woke me up wanting to be loved and lay across my neck so he could suck on the shoulder of my pyjamas.  He was so happy.  The next day I told Pekko when he was laying on the pillow on my bed that  I loved that he loved me so much but could we leave the hugging and loving for the daytime when I was not trying to sleep.  He looked me in the eye and put his paw on my cheek as if to say sorry, he understood.  Thursday night he only got me up once--I guess he just couldn't stop himself.

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