Sunday, November 25, 2012

Cat Bed Pictures

I had one cat bed on the couch and it was so popular a place I put out the other 2 beds I had tucked away.  The first picture is of my Leo (he was 9 days old when he arrived at my house).  He must have been comfortable as he slept there for quite a while.  The next picture is of the bed right beside Leo's bed with 2 kittens having enough room to sleep comfortably.  Then a couple of pictures of 4 kittens sleeping in a bed, kneading and joustling to get a comfortable spot.  Yes, the beds are "the" place to sleep.
     The babies have been playing a lot and enjoying each other.  Pekko and Brazil will be going to Petsmart on Saturday.  Ronan, Raisin, Roo, Boston, Booker and Landon will be going as well once they get a vet check up Monday morning.  My house will be noticeably quieter with up to 8 busy babies gone for a week or even forever if they get adopted.  Yes, time to say goodbye so I must get myself prepared.

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