Saturday, April 26, 2014

A Week of Growth

Sometime when I wasn't looking my babies turned into little kittens on their way to growing up!  What changes in them in the last week.  They are 4 weeks old today which is hard for me to believe as it seems it has only been a couple of weeks that I have been loving them.  A week ago Kyler was 402g and today he was 550g.  Keaton was 334g and is 460g.  How much they have grown!  They no longer have the heat lamp and have adjusted quite well to the warm split pea bags that I microwave and use to keep them warm.  No more making them pee as they are big boys and using the litter box a lot.  Kyler is a better in the litter box than his brother.  Last night I got to sleep through the night and not get up at 4 am.  4 weeks of getting up at 2 is over for this batch of kittens. Now I can be caught up on my rest and be ready for the next tiny babies. The boys like to be let out of the cage.  I put them on the floor in the bedroom and they walk down the hallway to the livingroom and wait for their bottle if it is meal time.  They are walking well and are starting to explore their world.  Today Kyler climbed up my leg as I sat on the couch.  Both love to roll onto their backs and have their tummies scratched. Soon they will be eating canned food.  How much they have changed in such a short time. 

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