Tuesday, April 1, 2014

My Family Grows

My family is growing.  It often happens that new kitten additions come in groups.  Litters come in quick succession then a lull then a quick succession again.  Welcome to my new little "K" kittens whom I am suspecting are all boys but a good look in real daylight will confirm my initial thoughts.  They were born 3 days ago to a 10 year old mom who retained placentas after the births, had to have surgery and is not doing very well.  She hasn't eaten much and is on medication that the babies should not get through the mom's milk.  They weigh 82g, 88g and 104g.  They took easily to the bottle and have had 2 feedings so far.  They are enjoying being under the heat lamp (I tell the babies they are on a beach in Tahiti).  They are a bit thin but a few good feeds and they will be back on track.  The littlest one purred for me as I fed him.  Now Hunter will have siblings to grow up with.
     Hunter is becoming pudgy.  He was 102g tonight!  He has gained over 50% of his original weight and it shows in his solid body.  He is now 5 days old and looking good. 

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