Saturday, April 19, 2014

Keaton and Kyler 3 weeks old!

They are growing up.  They are little kittens now, no longer helpless little babies.  Keaton is darker than Kyler.  They are walking on their legs now.  Taking pictures was hard as all they do is run when I have them on the table to take their pictures.  They have no fear of the edge.  I put them on the table furthest away from me.  They see me then scoot right to me.  I have to be ready to snap their picture.  Many turned out blurry as they are action shots I guess.  No sitting for these babies now they have found their legs.  Kyler is so funny when he runs as he looks like he is a bit tipsy but he is just discovering how his legs work.  They are eating well and I still get up at 2 am.  They both gained 100g in the last week which is wonderful as 10g/day is a good weight gain.  They have consistently gained weight every day so are growing at a good rate.  They purr a lot too.  I have cut down a little box and put some litter in it.  Hard to believe they will be using the litter box on their own very soon.  They are indeed young kittens, not little babies.  How fast nature enables them to mature.  Yesterday they were playing with each other a bit.  They had their paws around each other's necks.  It is so entertaining to watch them learn to play.  Three weeks is a time for a lot of learning.

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