Tuesday, April 1, 2014

All Is Well

     I plan to take pictures of Hunter on his weekly birthdays and inbetween if he is doing something cute and special.  Hunter is growing at a good pace.  He was 90g last night and has already gained for today (4g) so I am anticipating another good "official" weight tonight.  He is purring for me now often when he is drinking from the bottle and usually after when I am making him pee (he makes little grunting noises which is so funny).  For the night I feed him between 10-11 pm, at 2 am, at 5 am (I seem to wake up at this time so thought why not) then before I go to work.  It is working for him so won't rock the boat.  He is very strong and can lift his head up now.  His eyes are becoming more defined so soon he will be able to see his world.
     I have a couple of comments from Hunter's mom's foster mom.  She is going to have a good rest of her life just as Hunter is.  Give her a hug from me (and I hope she gets the name Hope that you chose for her, it is perfect).  Tell her baby Hunter is doing well and I will try my hardest for him.

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