Monday, June 25, 2012

Life is Good

With so many kittens arriving within such a short period of time my world was not in a good routine yet.  We have achieved order.  None of the babies are cage babies any more which means there are 10 babies running around.  They haven't learned about being underfoot yet so it is very difficult to walk in my house when they are in active mode. All except one tiny orange baby are eating canned food.  This means one or two big plates to put food down for the first feeding of the day as they are violent when others are trying to eat close to them when they are hungry. Head counts are challenging.  Yesterday I heard a kitten crying so I tried to think what door I had closed recently.  I knew it was the closet.  So I checked the closet and no kitten came out.  I thought I had been hearing things but in a few minutes the kitten was crying again.  Dakota was in the closet indeed and was happy to come out when I opened the door the second time.  Right now I have a little orange sucky baby sitting on my lap.  Garrick is a mama's boy and tries to sneak every minute possible on my lap or being carried. You can't look into his little blue eyes and deny what he is asking.
     On Thursday I got 3 more babies.  They were found on the riverbank.  We were told they were a few weeks old so they came here.  The two boys and one girl are about 12 weeks old and very thin.  So I have kept them by themselves until I accessed how healthy they were.  They are going to a new foster home as my house is reserved for the smaller ones.  But they started declining a little on Saturday and were vomitting quite a bit.  Then on Sunday they weren't eating much at all and looked off and very quiet.  They weren't happy to see me when I came into the room to visit.  So I called Rekha in the early afternoon.  She said to give them subcutaneous fluids which I did twice on Sunday and to start them on metronidazole (antibiotic) as that would settle their tummies down and this was about all we would be able to do. They are much more perky today and more active.  No more vomitting and they are eating again.  They will go to Ruth's Tuesday eveing.  She will love them up.  They are very affectionate babies so will make out just fine with her.  They have a better life ahead of them.

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