Sunday, June 17, 2012

My Family Grows

A picture of my new blended family.  The new additions are 2 boys and 1 girl arriving at 9 pm. Their mom was eaten by a coyote.  They blend in very well as they are the same size as my current family.  They are 3 very different kittens.  The littlest one is very much smaller and is the little princess.  She was very comfortable in the house and all she did for an hour was walk, walk, walk.  No wonder she is so small.  Soon she was playing with the others.  The dark faced boy was spitty as he wasn't as comfortable in a house and around people.  But we got him out of the bathroom and I held him on my lap.  Soon he was very interested in the activity.  I put him down so he could play and soon he was in the middle of things.  He still hesitates sometimes when I go up to him but he is not stressed at being picked up.  The other little boy is going to take time.  He is supper hissy and spitty.  For such a little one he can appear very feisty. I thought he would be lonely in the bathroom by himself for the night but he was terrified to be handled.  So I got my leather gloves and picked him up.  He surprised me by not being that unhappy at being held and even rolled over on his back so his tummy could get scratched.  I held him for a long time then decided he could sleep in the cage with the others.  "Normal" kittens show scared kittens there is nothing to be afraid of.  He is still a cage baby--correction.  As I am writing this entry he cried and wanted me to come to him.  That shows a lot of trust but considering I have picked him up and held him a dozen times this morning he was bound to open his heart and decide I was okay.  So now he is walking around and exploring the living room.  The kittens are all playing so it is a very busy scene! 

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