Friday, June 15, 2012

My New Family the "D's"

My wonderful new 4 babies--2 boys and 2 girls. The boys are the brown tabbies and the girls are the grays. It is always a settle in period of up to 24 hours for new babies to know who I am and for them to get a feel for their new home.  Their mom disappeared in Watrous possibly due to another animal snatching her so these babies were on their own.  Kind people rescued them and thus began their journey.  The babies are very different in size with their weights being 320g, 326g, 468g and 540g.  The babies ferociously dug into the canned food I fed them.  I ended up having to feed them one by one as they would chomp on feet if they were in the way and fought to get to the food.  The little brown tabby boy (names have been submitted and will be selected today) was in trouble.  He ate a bit of food but not as much as his siblings.  he felt very thin and after checking him I found he was dehydrated.  I gave him subcutaneous fluid twice before I went to bed.  I held him wrapped up in a blanket for 3 hours and gave him lots of hugs and kisses so he would know he was loved very much.  By bedtime the fluids kicked in and he decided he was very hungry.  He ate well and looked stronger and healthier so I went to bed less worried and hopeful.  This morning he was much brighter and a normal little kitten. He has decided he deserves to be spoiled as he insisted on being picked up first and held and loved.  They sure catch on to the being spoiled part very quickly. All ate well and let out of their 2' X 4' cage to run around the livingroom while I scrubbed the cage.They had fun discovering the livingroom.  I quickly learned that the bigger brown tabby boy is the leader.  He was the one trying to climb out of the cage and was the first one to explore.  There is indeed one in every litter. All the babies are curled up and sleeping in their bed looking very content. 

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  1. hi Donna,
    A message from the first custodians of the "D" family. Yes, a couple of weeks ago I heard the cries from under the gazebo deck at my mother's home in Watrous. I started feeding them and then moved them into my mother's house, fearing the crows, magpies and feral cats around the property. We were vigilant for the possible return of the mother, of course, but no luck. Perhaps taken by a coyote or fox, who knows. At any rate, she had the forsight to move them to a very lucky spot prior to her disappearance.

    My sister, here in Saskatoon, has two cats from Street Cats so we are familiar with this great organization. We brought the four kittens in last Wednesday and I phoned Street Cats. They said they would work on a foster home, give them a couple of days. Unfortunetely, my sister's cats have maxed out this household so were hoping a foster home could be found.

    The "D"s certainly lucked out big-time with the availability of such a wonderful, caring foster home.

    I must say, you have pegged their personalities spot on within 24 hours. Yes, I was a little concerned about the smaller tabby, definitely was not as strong and more lethargic.

    You are also correct about their eating habits. I learned quickly that one large dish of canned food is a disaster with one or more swimming in the food. Even with separate bowls of food, a wash cloth is mandatory after a meal. Notice how the small grey one still tries to suckle the food rather than eat it?

    We are grateful and happy the "D"s landed at the best possible of foster homes.

    .........the apprecitive Conn's.