Friday, June 1, 2012


Vixen is the cutest thing!  I took her to the Vet Wed evening to make sure her face was doing okay.  I am just to put vaseline on it so it will stay moist and heal better.  Nothing else can be done. It was deicded to put her on antibiotics as an infection in her face would be a bad thing so better to try and avoid. I had Rekha check her ears as she had scratched at them a couple of times but I couldn't see any ear mites.  I said she had a scab in the one ear from being thrown out of the vehicle.  Turns out the scab was a happy wood tick.  I was glad to see it dispatched to the morgue.  Poor little Vixen.  She has been eating and eating and stools are perfect.  She weighed 578g when I got her and as of yesterday she had gained 96 g and was 674g.  This is exactly what she should be doing.  What a good girl!

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