Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Bring on the Coffee

     The babies are doing well.  I came home during my supper break to feed them.  Then after working until 10 pm I fed them twice before I went to bed.  These kittens, too, know how to keep their lips shut and no one will tell me who got up first and told the others to all start screaming at 4:40 this morning so they could get a bottle.  They were hungry and certainly enjoyed their bottle.  Then at 6:20 they started serenading me again.  So I got up, made a coffee, warmed the split pea bag, got a clean blanket then fed them a bottle.  They were starving again.  It must be a growth spurt.  So I am sitting at my dining room table which is right by the big cage feeding the babies, sipping my coffee and laughing at Pierce who was on my lap purring and kneading on my lap as I am wearing my fuzzy housecoat since it is cooler in the mornings.  I laughed as it felt good to be loved and important to the babies. The babies used the litter box for the first time during the night.  Soon I can stop making them pee so they don't pee in their bed.  Names will be picked today when Street Cat opens.  They tell me which names haven't been used in the last 5 years then I pick the available ones from the list I sent in.

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