Saturday, September 1, 2012

Little Family Update

The new blended family is doing well.  I had to freshen mom's bed for her and the babies.  The little orange one did not gain any weight in 11 hours on just mom so I just gave him a bottle.  The big orange boy (they are all boys as far as I can tell) likes to lay on his back just like a big kitten.  I gave a bottle to Jessa (gray female) and Joplin (black and white male).  Java (gray and white female) is on the mom almost constantly so did not need any bottle supplement today.  I have to remember that I am weighing them 4 or 5 times a day.  Usually I weigh them once a day and weight gain should be 10-15 g.  Divide this into 4 or 5 and the weight gains will be tiny but when added up over a whole day will be significant.  Since I got my 3 on the 28th these are their weights--Joplin from 92g to 126g, Java from 104 g to 154g and Jessa from 106g to 126g.  The original 3: littlest 115g to 154g, no collar boy 151g to 192g and blue collar boy 147g to 192g.
     The big "P" babies are doing great and full of energy.  Pecan is getting adopted and will go to her new home on Sept 16th.  Paisley is also getting adopted and will be leaving next week after the vet appointment if all goes well and she keeps gaining weight.  They will be leaving far too soon.  My heart is bracing itself.

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