Friday, September 14, 2012

You Can Fit At Least 4 kittens in a Window

I was washing my windows on Monday and had to come in to take this picture of the 4 kittens enjoying the sun in the window.  It looks like there was room for even a couple more kittens to squeeze in.
     Garrison loves, loves his bed with the fuzzy blanket.  He kneads the blanket strongly at least once a day and truly feels great when he is doing it.  The bed is his favorite place to be.
     Paisley left last Friday and has settled into her new forever home.  This afternoon Patton left and will certainly be a spoiled kitten in his new forever home.  Even though I still have 5 "P" babies and Garrison I had a weepy spell thinking about Patton.  He was alone with me for 4 days until the rest of his family came here.  His eyes weren't even open yet so he held a special spot in my heart.  Every baby is special and is missed as they do something in their own way that is a little different than the rest.  On Sunday Pecan will leave.  I am so dreading when Pierce leaves as he has been a real characted for a long time and is a mama's boy through and through.  He has frustrated me by not eating canned food until 2 weeks after his siblings.  He worried me with his very slow weight gain when I was having formula problems.  He is my best bud wanting to be on my lap or held all the time.  He sleeps draped across my neck as he loves to be as close to me as he possibly can.  He does a little chatter when he wants to be held, when he is ready to jump on or off the couch and when he is hungry.  I am so proud of my "P" babies and how they all survived. 

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