Saturday, September 29, 2012

Heavy Heart and New Additions Too

     I noticed Pierce and Pipkin were not looking 100% so on Thursday I took them to the vet who decided to do bloodwork.  On Friday Pipkin was worse--feeling hot, a little wheezing, holding his head to the side and sleeping awkwardly.  The blood came back as both were anemic with possible panleukopenia.  Okay, they can survive panleukopenia but it is contagious to the other babies.  Heather was very kind and took Pipkin to the vet hospital as per the two vets recommendations and since I had to work until 10.  The vet called me at work around suppertime to discuss Pipkin.  As I feared she said it was not paneleukopenia but FIP which is a death sentence.  She explained all the reasons why she thought it was FIP but I already had my gut feeling telling me for a while that FIP was rearing its ugly head.  So she had to get ahold of Shea to get authorization for the euthanasia.  The vet then called 30 minutes before I was done work saying he was sedated and the deed would be done soon.  She is getting me a plaster paw print of him after he was gone and it will be sent to Street Cat then to me.  I hardly made it through the last 30 minutes before I could go home.  I cried all the way home having a hard time believing the boy I had loved since he was about 10 days old, had hugged and cuddled just that morning was gone.  My heart is bruised.  I gave all my babies a huge hug so firm that I made them all meow.  I needed to connect with each of them to remind me why I do this job of looking after babies when sometimes bad things happen.  I never put Pierce down and carried him everywhere I went.  I want him to beat this challenge.  I even let Pierce into the bathroom when I took my bath.  He has no fear of the water (even loves the vaccuum) so keeping an eye on him so he doesn't fall in is a big job.  I just needed him near me last night.  I still feel numb.
     At 10:30 pm after work I got the two new additons I was expecting.  They are absolutely adorable!  One is a gray tabby with silver that really shines.  The other is a brown tabby with swirly markings.  They were born on Wed so only 3 days old today.  Their mom moved the other siblings but did not come back for these two after a long time.  They are so very strong and a little hard to hold onto in the blanket when I feed them.  They are going to do well, my gut says so.  I got up at 1:30 am to feed them which they appreciated because they ate well.  I gave them a little loving then tucked them back under the heat lamp.  It was good timing to have new babies to help ease the pain of the day.

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