Friday, September 7, 2012

Emotional Happy/Sad Days

I had the 7 "P" babies at the vet yesterday.  All checked out okay.  I am concerned about Pierce (yes, my sweet deeply embedded into my heart Pierce).  He is thin and not eating a lot.  The vet said he is very much taller than his siblings and is perhaps growing much faster than what he is eating.  He is bright, alert and active so not at high alert stage yet.  While there I got a call from Street Cat's Shea telling me that my precious Dakota died the night before at the vet hospital from FIP.  I so hate that disease because it just hits out of no where quite often.  She and I had a good cry.  I felt empty and sad for the rest of the day.  She inherited the mutated corona virus from her mom so the outcome was a given.
     This morning I gave Paisley to her new forever home.  She is the first of the 7 to go which is always a bit hard.
     Tomorrow I will say goodbye to the mom and her 3 babies plus my 3 babies.  She will be going back to her first foster mom Maxine.  Maxine is wonderful and will give them great attention and good care.  She will have fun watching them grow into cute babies.  All their eyes aren't open yet so she hasn't missed out on much.  She has been very kind to me and allowed me to pick one of the "F" names for the orange babies.
     So changes again.  Coming in means readjusting my routine and leaving means my heart has to get a little bruise.

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