Sunday, September 23, 2012

Shhhh....the B babies are Sleeping

Everything has been stable and calm here the last few days.  The only changes were the 3 "P" babies leaving so there hasn't been much to share.
     As you can see my family has grown again.  Last night the 4 "B" babies (3 weeks old) arrived.  Their mom disappeared from a dairy farm.  The babies are still settling in though they are much better already at noon today.  It is an adjustment period for them to settle into a new world.  Two are eating quite well from the bottle and two are taking a few sips then lapping the milk from the nipple as it drips from the bottle.  Their tummies are feeling full.  They are looking good. The babies have finally stopped being so vocal which makes me happy as that means they are happy and liking their new world. Last night I fed the new babies then sat on the couch watching t.v.  Pekko came and sat on my tummy.  As I was petting him he was growling a bit.  I thought he had gotten hurt playing or some other way.  I checked him out and he seemed fine.  Then he would sniff my hand and growl.  He sniffed my shirt and growled.  I realized he was not happy with the new babies.  Usually my babies don't think twice when new babies arrive.  He is fine this morning so has accepted that mom now has more babies to love.  He will get extra attention for a while.

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