Thursday, August 30, 2012


When I got home during my lunch break I opened the door to the bedroom.  The mom Fariah was not in the 2' x 4' cage which was empty. Then I saw she had moved all 6 babies to the comforter on the bed.  She looked really content and proud of herself.  I had to use a few pillows to prop up the edges of the comforter as the babies are more mobile than you would think and I don't want them to fall off the bed.  I am going to put blankets on the floor in case one falls off.  My 3 babies are now named.  The black and white boy is Joplin, the gray female is Jessa and the gray and white female is Java.  The babies are doing well.  I weigh all of them at least 4 times a day and record their weights.  The vet wanted me to bottle feed to help mom out and make sure that the mom is making enough milk with her mastitis.  So I am still busy with babies though I have to admit I let the mom take the night shift.  Once the babies are stable and not needing a bottle any more they will go back to the first foster home.  I don't want to let them go but Maxine really wants her babies back.  Mom has accepted my 3 babies into her family so of course the babies should be with a mom who walks on 4 legs.  A furry mom trumps a human mom.  I love all the babies so much that my heart is going to break when they leave my house.

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