Tuesday, August 28, 2012

My Family Grows

You never know what a day will bring.  I got these babies right before I went to work this afternoon. These little darlings are 3 days old.  They are 3 days old and still have umbilical cords.  They were discovered in a backyard in Dinsmore a couple of nights ago.  The babies were heard crying and a young lady went out with a flashlight to see what was going on.  She gave the babies wonderful care by dropper feeding them, making them pee and most importantly keeping them warm.  They were brought to me very warm and in great condition.  The gray baby weighs 106g, the black and white is 92g and the gray and white is 104g.  Babies are usually about 100g when born so these babies are on track for weights for 3 day old babies. They are eating very well and drink even more than I would expect which makes me happy.  Strong babies eat willingly and happily.  They have even purred which is a beautiful gift given to me today.
     As soon as I found out I was getting the babies I said it will be Pierce who has an issue.  He has only been at BA (bottles anonymous) for 6 days and I knew seeing a bottle again would be very tempting to him.  I did not expect it to be the receiving blanket to start him off.  As soon as he saw the blanket he remembered that blanket=bottle.  He got all wiggly and sat up on his haunches as he was so excited.  I picked him up and wrapped him in the blanket to give him some happiness but he was too busy looking for a bottle in my hand that he did not appreciate the blanket.  So I had to put him down.  Then he saw the bottle and my goodness, he was excited.  We laughed so hard watching him.  But no, no sip for him because alcoholics can't have one drink nor can a member of BA. He is so in my heart with all his special qualities and demands that he will be very hard to part with when it is time.
     Feeding time is going to be done standing up.  As soon as I sit on the couch the babies immediately come on my lap.  So trying to feed a little one without interference won't be happening any time soon.  The dynamics of life always change with any addition.  It certainly gets more busy when I add to my family.  As I was feeding the little ones and keeping an eye on the 7 babies Garrison was busy unrolling and attacking the roll of toilet paper that I will keep in the livingroom to use to make the new babies pee.  So I had little bits of toilet paper to remove from the couch.  He had fun playing with the pieces though and was quite entertained. 

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