Tuesday, August 28, 2012

A Few Pictures to Share

Now you know why I keep my camera handy on my computer desk in the living room.  You just never know what you may catch.  The babies are all doing well and growing bigger every day.  Too soon the day will come when they are big enough for their forever homes.  Pecan has a home to go to when she is big enough as she was chosen on Saturday as the kitten they want.  They should be ready in a few weeks.  We do the vet trip on Sept 6. It is a major thing as each kitten gets examined, microchipped, vaccinated and tested for feline leukemia.  This test requires drawing 3 drops of blood then waiting 10 minutes for the test to finish.  So this is 70 minutes alone just waiting for the tests to finish.  The vet and staff and I spend our time waiting and admiring and playing with the babies so it goes by fast.

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