Wednesday, August 29, 2012

What a Day!

Today sure turned out different than I thought it would.  I stayed up last night until midnight to feed my 3 babies so that I could maybe grab a 5 hour uninterupted sleep.  I had talked to another foster mom about her mom cat that had kittens the day before.  Our talk was after I worked until 10 pm.  The mom was having after birth issues so ended up being taken to the U of S vet hospital.  I got a couple of calls at 2 am from the vet who was trying to get a phone number so she could get authorization for charges that would be incurred.  Then in the morning I got a call from Street Cat asking if I would take her 3 babies (orange tabbies) and bottle feed them for a few days as mom has mastitis.  I said sure.  Then when my daughter went to pick them up the college said that they wanted the mom to stay with her babies.  But my daughter only had the tiny baby cage.  Then more phone calls as the vets were deciding if bottle feeding would be enough or if they had to be tube fed (I don't tube feed babies).  So finally at 3:30 my daughter was able to bring the mom and babies home.  The vet called me at suppertime to discuss the plan.  I asked if in a week I could put my babies in with mom after she got better.  The vet said it would be good for the mom's mastitis to have the babies on her now.  So crying I put the babies one by one in with their new mom.  They seemed to smile and the mom started washing them.  I am more emotional when I am tired so I was very emotional.  The babies have a new perfect mom that nature intended and I have to take a step back and let the new mom have my babies. But it is the absolutely right thing to do and it was perfect timing for babies who are 2 days apart in age to become a blended family.  I will be keeping an eye on them and weighing them to make sure they are all okay.  The littlest orange baby is the the smallest and most fragile.  I so rarely have had a mom with babies that it feels odd.  The babies all are going to be okay and I get to watch them grow for a while until they go to the foster mom who had them until yesterday.  What a great turn of events!

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