Saturday, August 11, 2012

Life Today

These are the 7 babies having a nap this morning.  They are frustrating me with their weights.  Only Paisley is consistently increasing in weight and eating only canned food.  I have given in and feed bottles after getting them to eat canned food first and topping up with the bottle.  Patton and Pierce still refuse to eat canned food.  So the weights go up and down and I worry.  They are active and playing and sleeping normally so we are not in deep trouble yet, just in the watch phase.
     I brought Denver and Garrison home from Petsmart and took Gardenia, Georgia and Ziven.  The girls are identical so I had to get one of the microchips scanned so I could be sure who was who.  The boys were happy to be home and were running around stretching their legs.  Denver came and sat on my lap as he used to do before.

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