Friday, August 17, 2012

Things Are Changing

     Things have been pretty stable for a while.  No intakes for a while so the routine has been stable and set for a while.  Today Gardenia and Ziven were adopted so only Georgia to bring home from Petsmart tomorrow.  On Monday someone is coming to look at Denver (and who wouldn't be in love with Denver as soon as they see him).
     The little babies are in a rapid growth streak right now.  So this weekend I will allow Pipkin's future possible mom to come and see him as well as Paisley and Pecan's (she will be choosing one baby) future possible mom to come and see them.  The babies are at the stage I love the most.  They are into everything and playing like big kittens with each other.  So far only Pekko has discovered where I sleep since they have been allowed to sleep where they like and out of the big cage which has officially been put away.  Then this morning before I went to work I went into my bedroom and there he was sleeping on my pillow.  He looked so proud of himself.  Yes, he is growing when he sleeps away from the group and has found his own special place to sleep.  It is a happy time yet I know too soon they will be leaving for their forever homes.  The hard part is done, now just to enjoy them and watch them grow.

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