Tuesday, August 14, 2012

The 7 "P" babies

These are Paisley, Pekko, Pecan, Pierce, Paige, Pipkin, Patton and Pipkin and Patton.  I managed to get a couple of pictures of the extra toes that 5 of them have.  They are becoming fat little babies and full of energy.  They go through the house and play under my bed.  They love to "help" me clean off my computer desk. All except Pierce are eating canned food with the occassional bottle (bottle is sometimes hard to give up when a kitten is growing up).  Their weights range this morning were 370g, 390g, 402g, 424g, 438g, 454g, 502g.  They should have a big spurt now they are eating canned food well.  Too soon they will be 800g and ready for adoption.
     Pipkin is still my little handful.  He is the one who really loves my computer desk.  He is full of energy even though he is only 390g.  Paige, Paisley and Patton are quieter and get into less trouble.  Pierce, well Pierce is Pierce.  He loves his attention and has to share being a mama's baby title with Pecan and Pekko.  There is always someone on my lap once I have a lap available.  This batch of kittens has only needed one bath which saved countless hours.  None have had diarrhea either so that has made things easier too.  Paisley and Pecan are more gray in their dark areas than brown at this point.  It can change though as they get darker when they get older.  I held a couple of babies yesterday and got tears in my eyes thinking how far we have come in the almost 6 weeks I have had them.  These guys will be hard to let go as I got them so very young.  They are indeed little kittens now and no longer infants.  It has been challenging but we did it.  Watching them wash themselves, use the litter box, play with toys and each other and doing normal kitten things makes my heart sing.  We have succeeded.

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